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The Tidying Festival

A Tidying Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime special event that transforms your life completely.

Our work together will consist of a series of tidying sessions in your home where we will flow through the five categories in the order of: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental.

After our initial consultation, I can help you decide on what package is right for your needs.

*sliding scale pricing available

Apartment Building

Tiny Tidy

The Tiny Tidy Package

includes five half days, or 15-hours,

of in-home sessions.

Suitable for people who live alone or in smaller homes with less items.


Traditional House

Standard Tidy

The Standard Package

includes 30 hours of in-home sessions.

It would be a suitable package for most people in average size homes with an average amount of items. 


Minimalistic Photography of a Roof

Ultimate Tidy

The Ultimate Package

includes 50 hours of in-home  sessions. It’s suitable for people in larger homes, families, and people with a higher volume of items.


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